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Chameleon Boy
Legion of Super-Heroes member
Preboot » Pre-Crisis
Real name Reep Daggle
First appearance Action Comics v1 #267
Joined Action Comics v1 #267
Status In Limbo
Home planet / Species Durla
Other teams joined Legion Espionage Squad
Relatives R.J. Brande (father), Ji Daggle (aunt)
Powers Shape-shifting
Other versions
Reboot versions Chameleon
Threeboot versions Chameleon
Televisual versions Chameleon Boy
Chameleon [Boy]


Reep Daggle was raised by his aunt on Durla, and left the planet to prove his value, and by extension, the value of all Durlans to a distrusting galaxy. He applied for Legion membership and was accepting to the still small team. Fellow teammate Colossal Boy was the one who gave Reep his name, likening his power to the chameleon of Earth.

Reep excelled in the Legion, honing his detective skills, once uncovering the real identity of the killer of An Ryd, a former acquaintance of fellow Legionnaire, Ultra Boy, who had been framed for the murder. He has led several espionage missions in his long career with the Legion.

When an investigation of ailing Legion backer R.J. Brande revealed that not only was the wealthy benefactor a Durlan frozen in human form, but the father of Chameleon Boy, Reep took the news very badly. This contributed to an ill-planned mission to Khundia which got Chameleon boy arrested by the United Planets, although he retained his Legion membership. While imprisoned on Takron-Galtos, he fought and defeated the mad Daxamite youth Ol-Vir, but exposure to his x-ray vision and extended restriction of dampeners of his Durlan abilities, robbed him of his powers. His father came to his aid and the two repaired their relationship and journeyed to Durla where Reep regained his powers.

Powers and abilities

Chameleon Boy has the native Durlan ability to imitate any item, species or person. His antennae analyze matter on a molecular level. He is limited to only duplicating the appearance, and when duplicating individuals or species, he does not gain special powers, although he has been able to duplicate within limits the ability to become intangible, but he was not on the level of fellow Legionnaire Phantom Girl.

He excelled at Legion combat training, adapting it to his power, often changing shape several times in close combat.

He is an excellent detective, possibly the best detective in the Legion.


Chameleon Boy is the permanent leader of the Espionage Squad

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