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Dream Girl
Legion of Super-Heroes member
Preboot » Pre-Crisis
Real name Nura Nal
First appearance Adventure Comics #317
Home planet / Species Naltor
Other teams joined Legion of Substitute Heroes
Aliases Miss Terious
Relatives Mysa Nal (White Witch, younger sister), Kiwa Nal (mother)
Powers Precognition
Other versions
Reboot versions Dreamer
Threeboot versions Dream Girl
Televisual versions Dream Girl
Dream Girl


Nura Nal was the daughter of Naltor's High Seer and received special attention growing up due to early signs of her developing precognitive abilities exceeding any seen in the world's history. Her mother died when she was young and Nura was taken in by Beren, her mother's successor. Her younger sister, Mysa was born with no precognitive abilities and left for the Sorceror's World.

When visions of members of the Legion of Super-Heroes dying, Nura joined the Legion under false pretenses. Nura's vision turned out to be of android duplicates and Nura admitted her duplicity and resigned from the Legion, but not before changing Lightning Lass's powers into the gravity-nullifying powers she would use as Light Lass. Nura then joined the Legion of Substitute Heroes to perfect her powers, where she and Star Boy developed a deep relationship after he was expelled from the Legion.

When Superboy and Supergirl were forced to leave the Legion due a cloud of Kryptonite Gas, Dream Girl and Star Boy rejoined the Legion in suits of lead armor under the aliases of Sir Prize and Miss Terious. They were invited to stay after revealing their identities.

When Dream Girl foresaw the attack from Darkseid, Dream Girl ran for and was elected leader. She followed that term being deputy leader under Element Lad, and led the team for the months he was lost in Limbo.

Powers and abilities

Dream Girl has the ability to see the future. Her power is very dependent upon her being able to interpret what she is viewing.

To compensate for her relatively unspectacular power she has trained herself to be one of the best non-powered fighters in the group (second only to Karate Kid).

Dream Girl is skilled in the advanced technology of Naltor, especially bio-technology, making her one of the best scientists in the Legion. She has picked up some mystic knowledge from her sister, the White Witch.

Dream Girl is considered the most beautiful and alluring Legionnaire, and she is a skilled flirt.


  • Dream Girl served as the groups 12th Leader, and as the 8th Deputy Leader.