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Invisible Kid
Legion of Super-Heroes member
Preboot » Pre-Crisis
Real name Lyle Norg
First appearance Action Comics v1 #267
Initially joined Before AC267
Left / rejoined died Superboy v1 #203
Status Deceased
Home planet / Species Earth/Human
Powers Invisibility
Other versions
Reboot versions Invisible Kid
Threeboot versions Invisible Kid


Lyle Norg was one of the most noted child geniuses on Earth in the 30th century. He graduated from Metropolis University, at the age of twelve, with honors in biochemistry. His particular area of study was the development of chemical solutions to the genetic adaptations that had occurred in Earth colonist groups on other planets and now were no longer advantageous mutations. While researching ways of eliminating these mutations from racial groups, Lyle discovered a serum that could cause a specific mutation, the ability to turn invisible at will.

Fascinated by the possibilities, and problems of such a power, he tested it on himself. Believing that this new-found power was not something he could leave unused he applied for membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Invisible Kid divided his time between his research and his membership duties, which gave him a full life professionally but a rather lonely one socially. This was accentuated when he served as the Legion's fourth leader. During his term he presided over the establishment of the Legion Academy. Quietly competent, he tended to push himself because he feared that he was not as powerful as other members of the group. On good terms with all the Legionnaires, he was close friends with Chemical King, as the two had met when the young mutant had come to Earth to receive treatment for his catalytic power and Lyle had been brought in because of his expertise in biochemistry. It was Lyle who arranged for Chemical King to become one of the first Legion Academy students.

Invisible Kid was crushed to death by Validus during a battle with the Fatal Five.

Powers and abilities

Lyle could become invisible at will. He was also a brilliant Biochemist.


  • Invisible Kid was the 4th leader of the group.
  • Invisible Kid was a member of the Espionage Squad.