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After the events in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #4 and Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #5, the history of the Legion of Super-Heroes was changed retroactively. The major retcons were the replacement of Supergirl with Laurel Gand, the replacement of Superboy (Kal-El) with Valor, and the addition of a new character, Kid Quantum.

See List of members/Pre-Crisis for a list of members from before these changes.

Founding through Magic Wars

Regular members

Characters are listed in the order they joined, divided by era. In those cases in which the member's name changed over time, the primary name used has been listed.

Honorary and reserve members

Magic Wars through reformation: the "Five Year Gap"

The following heroes joined the Legion of Super-Heroes during the five years following the Magic Wars (in Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #60 through Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #63) and the reformation of the Legion (beginning in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #1). This period of Legion history is largely undocumented in the comics, except in brief flashbacks and in text pieces. A major source for the full roster of heroes is 2995: The Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook. The heroes are listed in approximate order of joining.

For more information about this period, see the Five Year Gap.

Reformation through Zero Hour

A new team that formed in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #1 was less organized and did not have a definitive line between membership and non-membership. The following characters are considered members of this new team:

Key allies

These individuals were allies of the older Legion but never officially joined or rejoined the team:

SW6 Batch/Teenage Legion/"The Legionnaires"

During the fight to liberate Earth from Dominion occupation, a young team of Legion doppelgangers emerged. Later, the team was dubbed "The Legionnaires." For more information, see SW6 Batch. The following heroes were members of this team:

Earth resistance

Along with members of the SW6 Batch, and Legion members and allies such as Devlin O'Ryan and Tenzil Kem, the following individuals played a part in the liberation of Earth: