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Welcome to,
Building a character, issue and episode
database on the Legion of Super-Heroes
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Era Sample articles

Legion article

Comics until Feb 1986
Overview, Membership, Timeline,...
Mar 1986-Aug 1989
Overview, LSH Membership, Timeline,...
Five Years Later/Glorithverse
Aug 1989-Aug 1994
Overview, LSH Membership, Timeline, Five Year Gap, SW6 Batch...
overlaps with Threeboot Aug 2006-Jan 2009,
main Feb 2009-Aug 2011
Overview, LSH Membership, Timeline,...
Sep 2011-present

Legion article

Post-Zero Hour
Aug 1994-Oct 2004
Overview, Membership, Timeline, Legion of the Damned, ...
never main version,
occasional use May 2006 onward
Overview, Timeline

Legion article

Oct 2004-Jan 2009,
occasional use thereafter
Overview, Membership, Timeline,...
Legion of Super Heroes cartoon Overview, Legion article, Membership, Timeline, List of episodes
Superman: TAS, Justice League Unlimited
Legion of Super-Heroes, Membership, New Kids in Town & Far from Home.
Anything not derivative of one of the above What are Elseworlds?, Superboy's Legion

General Wiki Information

Issue & Episode Descriptions

Each significant Legion comic book appearance and animated episode gets its own page. Specific issues or episodes are easily located through these indexes:
Legion Publication History | Legion Broadcast History | L.E.G.I.O.N. Publication History

Character Profiles

Descriptions of each character in each era including histories, powers, appearances, images and more. Find links to specific profiles in one of the disambiguation tables:
Members by era | Villains by era | Supporting cast by era

See also: List of first appearances: Preboot | Reboot | Threeboot


Timelines describe the sequence of major events in each era, linking to appropriate issues and event descriptions.

See also: Major Events

Legion & 30th/31st Century Background Info

A wealth of background information on the Legion's 30th/31st Century universe.
30th/31st Century Universe | Other Groups and Teams | List of worlds | Legion Equipment and Facilities | Legion Organization and Bylaws | Tuckerization

Creator Bios with Legion Bibliographies

Career descriptions and listings of Legion-related work for comic & animation creators.
Actors | Animators | Artists | Colorists | Directors | Editors | Letterers | Writers

See also: Creator index

Legion Merchandise

Plenty of information about all Legion-related non-comics merchandise.
Merchandise index | Video Release History | Action figures | Trading cards