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Sun Boy
Legion of Super-Heroes member
Preboot » Pre-Crisis
Real name Dirk Morgna
First appearance Action Comics v1 #276
Joined Between AC276 and (next appearance?)
Home planet / Species Earth/Human
Aliases Inferno
Relatives Derek Morna, Father
Powers Generates intense heat & light
Other versions
Reboot versions (no codename)
Threeboot versions Sun Boy


Dirk Morgna is a native of Earth. As a youth Dirk discovered Dr. Zaxton Regulus doing dangerous research into radioactive gold and solar power. The experiment resulted in the death of one young man (Zarl Hendricks), and an injury to Dirk. Dr. Regulus was fired by Dirk's father. Embittered by this, Dr. Regulus used robots to subdue Dirk and left him, unprotected, in the area of the reactor overnight. The energies that he was exposed to did not kill him, instead they imbued him with powers. Taking the name Sun Boy he applied for Legion of Super-Heroes membership but was rejected on his first try. Eventually he was accepted into the group.

Dr. Regulus reappeared as a major villain, with artificially induced powers similar to Sun Boy's. Sun Boy has been the Legion's point man in several battles with Dr. Regulus over the years.

Powers and abilities

Sun Boy is able to generate intense heat (enough to melt most metals) and brilliant light (intense enough to blind most people). He is also able to absorb solar radiation, and has a limited immunity to the same.


  • Sun Boy served as the 6th Deputy Leader